Q & A (FAQ)

Q. Is it possible than i can join your group?

Contact me on IRC.

Q. I’d like to propose a joint, May i?

A.  Send a message @ adzsubs@gmail.com


What’s the point of XDCC’s when Torrents and DDL’s exist?

Q. Will you sub Live Action?

A. Nope.

Q. Any Manga Scanlation plans?

A.  Nah, i’m not interested.

Q. Will you ever sub (x) show?

A. It all depends if I’m interested.

Q. I’ve Recently Requested (x) a while ago, but how come it hasn’t been picked up yet?

A. That’s because I’m currently working on it, or I’m too busy. please be patient.

Q. Can you please lend the .ass file of (x)? My internet is not very fast.

A. Visit The Subs (ASS) page.

Q. What are your encoding settings?

A. Encodes are done in 10-bit.

Q. Why are you exactly doing this?

A. Because there are a ton of shows out there that nobody has worked on so why not there be a group that works on (x)?

Q. Halp!! The video doesn’t work!!

A. Download CCCP (Windows) MPV (Mac and Linux)


A. My internet speed goes at around 400/kb per second. However, somethings up with my client though, it takes up so much bandwidth that it goes @ 100/kb per second so it may take a while to seed.

Q. I Have more questions to ask, who can i contact?

A. Send your questions @ adzsubs@gmail.com

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