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Guys, 2015 has been an amazing year. I enjoy what i do and i’ve been able to release some awesome shows over the past few months, recruit staff, and other things. No, i might have not released allot of shows for Christmas, but i did some!

But it’s not always that easy handling all the hate, drama, etc. But screw that, let me get to the real point.

When i started ADZ fansub, i wanted to release BD’s (and TV versions) of animes that aren’t being picked up, but as it turns out, my subs turned out to be complete trash, but the more that i released shows, my subs improved little by little, i even implement motion tracking!

Here’s a tiny Recap:

My first ever project was Miss Monochrome S2 but subs were so-so, My first ever BD project was Yamada-kun no 7-nin no Majo but that didn’t turn out very well.

My subs started improving when i released Heavy Object. Then, since now i released Starmyu is the best I’ve done.

Thinking about how much my releases have improved over the months, is amazing, because i had no faith that my work would ever improve, but i was wrong. And i thought no one would ever like my releases.

Overall, I’m extremely grateful for all the amazing support I’ve been getting from you guys. (And from my haters too.)

I promise that 2016 will be an epic year.

Just wait and see…

One thought on “As 2015 comes to an end.

  1. Thanks for picking up Heavy Object. I really appreciate it. Even though the series ain’t good as to be called Kazama Kamachi series. But fuck that as long as I can enjoy the series what is the problem. I hope your service to the community will continues. And I am counting on you for unsubbed winter shoes. Happy New Year!!


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