Upcoming release encoding changes

So as you guys might have read in the FAQ, the majority of my releases are in 8-bit. But I’ve thought about changing my encoding settings to 10-bit.

However, I’m still thinking that i should make these changes, but for that i would need to re-release everything in 10-bit. Which i don’t feel like doing.

The reason why I’d like to make these changes is because 10-bit is a very popular encode between BD Groups.

So yeah, should i make these changes?

4 thoughts on “Upcoming release encoding changes

  1. Yeah, I think you should change to 10-bit, but only for new BD projects, which you will start in 2016. All other projects should be finished in 8-Bit, that save you to release Vol. a second time and complains from users that they have to download a show a second time.


  2. Yeah why not? I agree with U.S. Grant that you can finish the ongoing shows in 8-bit but It will be graet to have new shows to be in 10-bit.


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