Let’s talk this out.

Pretty sure no one will care about this post, but please continue reading.

Over the past few months, I’ve been releasing a bunch of shows. However, it has been a so-so season so far, lots of ups and downs, you know what i mean.

What i mean is yeah, I’ll admit it. My releases are shit. You better be happy, my fellow haters.

It doesn’t matter how hard i work on my releases nothing seems to work out. Sure, they aren’t perfect at all. And no one is perfect.

Well, it is true. My Releases have been legit garbage and un-watchable but i really don’t know what to do. I sometimes don’t have time on my hands to do everything at the same time.

And it doesn’t matter even if i fix the scripts the way i find it acceptable, some people don’t. And it stresses me out because i really want to put out a good release. And no, i do not want to be one of those troll groups. But sometimes i just don’t feel it. I want to release as fast as i can to provide good subs in no time. But I’ve been wrong.

Even if being quick would be better, it just makes everything worse. Because rushing work will just make it look like garbage.

And everyday I’m just thinking about why there’s so much hate. And The reason why i decided to post this is because I’m pretty fed up with this now. No i am serious. And yes, this community is fucked.

Even if i try to ignore these assholes, it still affects me. Because even if i’m used to this. It’s still hate.

I started ADZ Fansub because i wanted to be another good fansub group. But things will just simply not go your way. And to be really honest i don’t really care if much newer groups are getting trusted statuses, in fact, they totally deserve it. And i ain’t even mad!

And i want my releases to be watchable, that’s why I’ve been recruiting staff. People that will help out on making my releases flawless.

Will i get ever get the status? Well, possibly never. But i still have hope i will.

To end this, i just want to say that to all that have been praising my work,

Thank you, because without the support I’ve been getting i wouldn’t be working on any more shows.

I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m ready to move on.


7 thoughts on “Let’s talk this out.

  1. Your releases are just fine, maybe a few errors here and there but nobody’s perfect right so dont beat yourself up over what those “Sacks of Shit” think


  2. As someone who has been in and out of the fansubbing business since 2008, let me give you a few pointers.

    Take your time and be slow. Very few people can compete with the likes of HorribleSubs or Commie, and if you try to rush a release in an attempt to match their download counts, your release is going to end up looking like shit every time. Instead, you can take 4 or 5 days to release an episode, make it look good, and it will be the one that people archive for years to come. Would you rather be the crappy speedsubber whose releases people download, watch, then delete? I didn’t think so.
    Talk to other experienced players in the fansub scene. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips or for help. Idle in some of the more established quality-sub groups’ IRC channels and get to know people. At the very least, you’ll come out of that with some techniques that you can use to improve your own releases, and in the best scenario, you might wind up with a couple of extra staff members for your group.
    Talk with your fans, ask them what they want from you. Maybe you have a lot of fans with older computers who want a 170mb XviD encode? Very few groups still do those, and if you’re the only one releasing them, you can own that market. Maybe your fans want you to try something new, sub a certain show. Obviously, don’t get pushed around, but don’t be unwilling to take suggestions. Be open-minded.

    If you ever want any help with anything, I’ll be around. Mostly I do freelance stuff these days since I don’t have enough spare time to commit to a group but I can usually find a couple of hours to work on a script.


  3. As an active subber, my suggestion is to only start shows you actually care about and to keep yourself limited to a select few. That way your work will not only have more meaning to you, but will be of a higher quality. Second is to not drop them if you can help it or at least if you are, tell people and don’t keep them hanging. Doing that will gain you a following. There are many people out there (myself included) who still would rather grab their subs from actual subbers and actual groups over horribleshit and other simple re-encoders. Last, while it is entirely personal preference, there are a lot of people who look for certain types of subs (ie. honorifits / westernised / easy to read / etc.). Choose one and stick with it (and please keep working on Heavy Object xD)

    Additionally, don’t let the Nyaa cartel get you down. The group I work with isn’t even allowed to post on Nyaa, let alone get any “verification” or whatever they do. IMO you’re better off without them.


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