Luck and Logic, One Punch Man, HaruChika and BokuMachi Dropped.

So yeah, i’m dropping these because of the following reasons:

Luck and Logic: Complaints, and groups are already putting out a good release.

One Punch Man: Since i released the first volume, i started receiving massive complaints regarding the subs, i couldn’t use Cthuko’s and Commie’s.

HaruChika: GJM is already working on it.

BokuMachi: Like i said, GJM is already doing it.

Heavy Object: P&N’s Subs are 10x better.

Sorry if i let anyone down on some of these. But it was the best decision.

6 thoughts on “Luck and Logic, One Punch Man, HaruChika and BokuMachi Dropped.

  1. What was wrong with using Commie’s subs on OPM? They’ve spent 3 years bitching, passive-aggressively insulting Coalgirls for NOT using their subs, I don’t see the problem. Especially since they’ll probably never even touch the series again. Just the fact that they’re asshurt about you guys only using their TS makes it clear they’re well-fucking aware that their dialogue scripts are all complete dogshit

    And I’ll be dead and buried before Cthuko finishes their BDs for the series


      • You kinda gotta ask yourself that. If you can find good enough raws, and you have time to do it, I would undrop it. I’m 90% sure Commie isn’t doing the BDs, Cthuko won’t get to it until 2017 at earliest, and SallySubs are using different groups’ subs.

        Where were the complaints coming from, though? I almost never see any negative comments, on nyaa or here. The only bad decision I’ve seen you make is using ReinForce’s raws, which aren’t so much bad as they are just… bland. idk where he manages to hide 2GBs of data in those videos of his


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