Uchuu Patrol Luluco and Flying Witch Dropped.

I really didn’t want to disappoint anyone by dropping these shows but i’ve lost my interest in working on these shows. Mostly because other groups that are generally 1000x better than me are already working on them. And no, Shounen Maid is NOT dropped. And ADZ isn’t dead. I’ve recently have been too busy with work and other shit. And i’m not even sure if i want to continue with ADZ anymore…


6 thoughts on “Uchuu Patrol Luluco and Flying Witch Dropped.

  1. Hello there, I just wanted to know, since you seemed to have ppgz raws(that I haven’t found anywhere, couldn’t even download your subbed ep ;-;) if you could link me to them, I want to sub it to my language, since there aren’t any subs for it yet…. only found hardsubs, but I am loving it so more like that than the dubbed version :S


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