If you don’t torrent,

You can DDL our releases via

Anime Tosho

However, if you prefer torrents,

You can torrent our releases via


Hold On! There’s more! Important note: Download only from SolidFiles, since those never get deleted. First, right-click ONLY on “direct download link” and select “Open link in a new Tab”

You will download part files, and here’s what you’re gonna do:

1. Install 7-Zip (Might Work with Win-RaR)

2. Once you’ve downloaded the .001 and .002 files, put the .001 and .002 files in a separate folder

3. After you’ve placed the files in the folder, right click the .001 file Then Click on “Extract Here”

5. 7-zip will now automatically merge the files.

6. Delete the part files after that.


If you want to download them faster, get J-Downloader.

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